Saturday, March 14, 2009

Isengard Unleashed Pt. 3

Sauruman is essential for the true Isengard army but he's quite expensive points wise so best used in larger games. Smashing people around is both useful and great fun! (especially hapless warriors into heroes

Painting was pretty straight forward; bleached Bone undercoat leading up through various thin layers of Skull White. Skin is Elf Flesh. I really would like Grima Wormtongue but when I got the Saruman blister pack waay back it only had the White Wizzard [sic] himself. I may get the new blister pack so I can get Grima. His rules are great; heroes have to spend double the amount of might to modify dice rolls etc, representing his harmful 'advice'. All which must be delivered in his weird voice! This purchase will mean I'll have a spare Saruman.... Saruman the Tartan anyone? (a cookie if you guess the reference!)
Lurtz is a solid hero of an Uruk-hai captain but with added might and a bow.

Again painted like all the Uruk-Hai with his skin painted in a muted version of the bezerkers. Special attention was given to get the hand-prints on his head.

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