Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brundark 52nd Skyrangers

Ok time for some 40K shall we? First up is my Imperial Guard Drop Troop army, the Skyrangers of Brundark. I've charted this army's progress on forums before, so apologies if you've seen this all before!
This is how my general infantry look and they form the backbone of my Imperial Guard army. The basic formamation of my army is as follows.
Cadians (converted as drop troops) represent the bulk of my infantry and are supported by a Leman Russ, Sentinels and heavy weapons. I use some Vostroyons as an Armoured Fist Squad and some Karskins as Stormtroopers.

A (brief) history of the fighting forces of Brundark
Brundark is an small planet near the Cadian Gate that as a result maintains a large armed force in service of the Imperium. The planet's main strength is in its airborne infantry but they are only truely effective when supported in an 'all-arms approach' by the other formations of heavier troops and armour that the planet also provides. The general population of the planet provide most of the recruits for the airborne infantry while the aristocracy and upper-level Imperial citizens usually join the more elite heavy troop and amoured services. The infantry are not as elite as the Elysian for example, preferring a more basic but practical fighting style. The Skyrangers are trained and equipped to survive for days behind enemy lines; conducting raids and sowing confusion before linking up with the heavier ground units.

Ok onto the models themselves...
To make the high altitude rebreathers I used green stuff blobs pricked with a pin and the side filters are Dark Elf spears chopped up and glued on using tweezers. Warning: Doing this on roughly 100 models WILL make you slightly crazy! Backpacks are green stuff blobs again with a rolled up sheet of green stuff as a bedroll. I then stuck various extra equipment from the Cadian, Catachan and Ork(!) ranges on the backpacks. More detail work could be done on face and equipment but as I said I prefer to get mine painted quickly.

I took inspiration from the urban camo scheme of the 122nd Cadian that featured in the old Cityfight Codex, with some minor changes.

The Brundark have been trained in the art of combat jumps into urban areas; an extremely hazardous but sometimes neccessary operation. Inspiration has come from Band of Brothers (book and tv series) as well Black Hawk Down, Kelly's Heroes etc.

However deepstriking your Guard infantry will only get you so far. That's why I also use Stormtroopers and my sentinels and Leman Russ. As you will see all my vehicles are modelled with Improved Comms. These are expensive enough but well worth it if you have key units in reserve. The re-roll on Reserve rolls is invaluable. Otherwise you could end up like me a while ago with the majority of my infantry not arriving til turn 4! :x
Sometimes I don't deep strike the infantry at all, other times just one platoon. It all depends on mission and opponent obviously.

Here is C Company's commanding officer; Captain Silas Verron II and his Chief Advisor; Commissar Streal
Yarrick and Creed are simply the best Guard models out there and I couldn't resist using them to represent my commanders. Note the twin pistols of my CO. I have used this as a theme of my army. Every officer (so far only 3 including Cpt. Verron) is equipped with twin sidearms. These are symbols of office presented to newly commissioned officers in the Skyrangers.

Here's the command squad. The banner needs to be finished.

I also have a commissar for every officer in the army. They make sure things are kept to the book! ;) The new commissar models will be added in time.

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