Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crimson Fists IV: Plastic Librarian Conversion

Having previously only used Black Templars I've never had any experience with Astartes psykers. Therefore when I decided to don the psychic hood. Hopefully the Perils of the Warp do not await me....

When I got the Assault on Black Reach box I had this plastic captain. As seen in my first post I had already selected a Captain to lead my company (when Pedro isn't around). As I love converting plastics I decided to convert the Captain into a Librarian. Two main things were needed.
  • Psychic Hood
  • Force Weapon
I decided on using a staff as a force weapon (as opposed to my Captain's sword and Chaplain's Crozius Arcanum club). The staff itself is a WFB spear or standard pole (I can't actually remember which, either work anyway). The top is a banner top from the Terminator Command Sprue.

The psychic hood was made from a Space Marine shoulder pad that I trimmed in order to get 3 slim curved pieces of plastic that I used to create the protective hood.
My final piece was the book. The book would help differentiate the librarian from the other HQ choices. The book comes from the Skaven Plague Monk sprue (with the long rat nails shaved down of course, unless you want the book for a Chaos sorcerer!). I simply chopped off the bolter and glued on the book o'spells.
Regarding powers, I have yet to use the librarian on the battlefield. For his first go I think I'll try Might of the Ancients and Vortex of Doom.
What do people think? Any Librarian experiences/advice would be greatly appreciated!
And his mighty battle cry?
"Quiet! People are trying to read!"



  1. I like it dude, nice simple conversion. I dunno if it's the angle of the pic, but the hood's middle piece seems off.

    The biggest problem with the librarian is lack of an invul save - you can take force dome or you need to be very careful with him (only 2 wounds and regular power armour)

  2. I really like him. It is changed enough that you don't even think of him as that captain. Coat of paint and you are good to go!

  3. Dude. That. Is. Just. Inspired. Thinking.

  4. Great idea for the psychic hood, mate: inspired!

  5. That is a spectacular conversion. Great idea.

  6. That is a great conversion! Well done - I especially like the psychic hood, I never thought to chop up a shoulder pad to make the shapes, bravo!

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone!
    @Tristan: Thanks for the advice, I'll bear that in mind.
    Regarding the power hood it is a bit off I think but once painted it should look fine. @Mordian7th: The chopping up of the shoulder worked well but was damned fiddly. It took a couple of attempts to get it right.