Monday, July 13, 2009

Skyrangers XIV: Anti-Air Half-track

Work on the shotgun vets has slowed so but here's what I've been planning since the release of Planetstrike!

As soon as I saw the autocannon Quad Gun from the Aegis Defence Line set I knew it would make a perfect Hydra substitute for my Imperial Guard. Forgive my crude photo-editing, this is only the planning stages.

My reasoning is this: Firstly while the real Hydra undeniably looks very very cool I feel the guns are oversized for their statline. The only difference is the increased range. Otherwise they are exactly the same strength as the autocannon lugged around by the troopers themselves so I think these guns will do fine.

Secondly I wanted a slightly smaller and more realistic self propelled AA weapon system. I therefore took inspiration from the WW2 German Wirbelwind, the American M16 Multiple-Gun Motor Carriage and the more modern Bradley Linebreaker.

I am awaiting the release of the quite good value Imperial Strongpoint deal which will give me three Quad Guns (as well as 2 lascannons, defence walls and two bastions) so I will be using one for my new vehicle and I'll still have two to leave as interceptor guns for Planetstrike battles.

The vehicle will either be a half-track like my Cerberus Chimera variant or if I can't get suitable wheels I'll make it fully tracked but leave the tracks exposed and low (like in modern tanks and unlike the WW1-style all-around tracks).

So here is my rough idea.

I can't wait to get started on this; converting plastic kits is possibly my favourite part of the modelling side of the hobby!

What do ye think? Yay or nay?


  1. This idea has also occurred to me. It looks very nice. John

  2. All good, but I reckon they'll look better where the hatch is...

    And at least you can use photshop: when I was designing my 'wyvern' I literally cut out and pasted pictures!

  3. @John; I have no doubt it occured to many of us! Great minds think alike... and Guardsmen seldom differ! ;)

    @Admiral Drax: Yes I was planning on reversing the roof section like I've seen people do on Warseer (Bungaroo IIRC). I prefer the gun turret at the back too.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. I've just done this, and it works perfectly. The bottom of the gun fits firmly over the raised area where the turret should go. I'd almost think GW planned it that way... you could do a comms vehicle the same way with the tower that also comes in the fortification set.

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