Friday, July 17, 2009

Crimson Fists: The Sons of Dorn rise again

When the new Space Marine Codex came out I decided to start a new chapter. I have been playing Black Templars for 7 years now (my first army) and while I enjoy their style of play and background a lot, I felt like a OCdex Chapter would be fun too. I decided to stay close though and chose the more level-headed sons of Dorn, the Crimson Fists.

This image is, for me, one of the most iconic of the images of 40k. It was the cover of the 3rd ed dex which was the first codex I bought. While I ended up picking the Templars I always loved this image.

My goal was to collect a small and manageable force of Crimson Fists. As the Crimson Fists suffered terribly after the catastrophic explosion of their Chapter Monastery during the Ork invasion of Rynn's World the idea of small, modestly equipped army suits the Crimson Fists quite well. The great colour plate from the Planetstrike Codex of the entire standing number of the Crimson Fists right before the battle of New Rynn City has given me names of squads to play with now too, which is great!

I started off with the contents of the Assault on Black Reach boxset which I can't recommend enough. So many models and all as easy to assemble as goblin pie! I picked up some free AOBR terminators from the corresponding White Dwarf issue (the number alludes me at the mo). That gave me 10 tactical marines, 8 terminators, 1 captain (which I have converted) and 1 dreadnought.

My next purchase was the SM battleforce. This gave me 10 more Tactical Marines, 5 more that I'm converting into Sternguard Veterans, 5 Scouts, 5 Assault Marines, 1 Rhino. Final stop was 5 Sniper Scouts and who else but Senor Pedro Kantor, Chapter Master himself.

My first picture is actually a recycled miniature. I bought the Masters of the Chapter for my Black Templars but as I have a number of Marshal models already I had this one to spare.

Captian Carlos Fernandez, commander of the 5th Company (depleted)

This has to be one of my favourite Space Marine characters. The Mk.III Iron Armour and the helmet held casually in the gauntleted hand... sheer coolness. Oh and the ornate power sword!

I plan on painting this army as quickly as possible (I have WAY too many unpainted armies). For this purpose I ahve the Army Painter dip. I actually have had this a year but only tracked down the necesssary matt varnish spray recently (Spray cans can't be shipped by some websites to Eire you see).

My question is this; is it ok to use normal car spray paint on plastic models? Has anyone done this? They stock very reasonablly priced cans nearby and if they worked all I'd need is a navy spray undercoat, some detailing on weapons and pouches then a quick brush of dip and hey presto, a Crimson Fist ready for basing and battle!

More Crimson Fists to follow.

C&C welcome as always!


  1. What kind of spray paint do you usually use? I use cheap miscellaneous use stuff and have never had a problem.

  2. Although I paint Blood Angels I'm also in love with the Crimson Fists. My love of them is, just like you, mostly because of the picture in your blog, and this one used on a very old Bolt Thrower album:

    I wish I could find the original art online.

  3. Please post how your minis come out using the 'dip'. I've not tried the dip with my Crimson Fists, but it does work good on skeletons and anything red.

  4. Nice to see more crimson fist people. Got some on my blog. :)