Sunday, February 22, 2009

Isengard Unleashed Pt.2

Next up is my 3 Uruk Captins. I used the Uruk Hai scouts as they have nice dynamic poses. To distinguish them from the rank and file I gave them the White Hand of Saruman (like what they do to Lurtz in the Fellowship of the Ring). The rest is painted just like a regular Uruk-Hai.

Captain 1

Captains 2 & 3 (and 1)

These guys are literally the unsung heroes of the army. Their 2 points of might allow for timely heroic moves (only used when you can bring a load of his mates with him, preferably other heroes too) and for winning combats or upping the dice roll to wound Aragorn (maybe at least once?)
I will however get the actual Uruk-Hai captain model at some stage (maybe when I increase the number of regular Uruk Hai in my army). This is mainly so I can model him on a rock shouting (like one does at Helm's Deep).

A standard bearer is an excellent addition to an army as it allows you to re-roll the dice when rolling to see who wins a nearby combat.

This was a regular pike-armed Uruk-Hai that I attached a cross-beam to in order to hang the banner from. The cross beam is a cut-down Dark Elf warrior standard cross beam and the standard is simply paper painted black with the White Hand painted on.
And then we have the bezerkers! These guys rock. Whilst they are formidably tough and almost fearless they are just as useful for their pyschological factor. Your opponent will want to kill these blood-soaked maniacs and may not pay enough attention to your Uruk-Hai... Keep them shielded until they can spring forwards though, as rangers and elves will no doubt try to spoil your day with namby pamby bow-fire.
Easiest and most fun models to paint in the army. Black undercoat followed by Mechrite Red foundation paint (huzzah fro foundation paints!). Then simply a liberal wash with brown ink to simulate slick, shiny, fresh blood! Some brown for the loin cloth and gauntlets and Boltgun Metal for the helmet (with added White Hand markings) and these guys are ready to start chopping things up! I only have 3 of these at the moment but am strongly tempted to add more as they are so easy to paint and fun to use.

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