Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Flagstone Gazette Issue 1

Ok here's another example of how chaotic my minds works, I always have about 5 or 6 armies in various stages of development (being painted, being assembled, being imagined etc etc).

I first bought the Legends of the Old West (hereafter LotOW) while on Erasmus and as my first foray into historical gaming I was mightily impressed. Based on the LotR game it is a very fast paced skirmish game with lots of bullets flying and people dying. It is more cinematic than realistic but this is a good thing in my opinion as it lends itself to some great moments, especially if you're playing one of the many themed shootouts in the rulebook.

My next port of call was the Wargames Foundry where I purchased enough models for 2 posses for myself, another for my brother and enough spares to act as innocent bystanders.

Foundry sells in batches of 8 which is handily the standard size of a LotOW posse (3 heroes and 5 henchmen).

Heroes have Fame and Fortune (the equivalent of Might and Fate in LotR) and are understandably better than the henchmen.

So without further ado I give you the first edition of the The Flagstone Gazette, the irregular periodical of the small settlement of Flagstone in South Dakota.

The Flagstone Gazette
11th February 1877

Citizens of Flagstone beware! A notorious band of outlaws has been reported to be operating in the area. The men known as the Stone Hill Gang have been blamed for a number of robberies and murders in the state over the last two months and are to be considered armed and dangerous. The Flagstone Gazette is able to bring you the photographs of several members of the gang but have only been able to procure (with assistant from the marshal at Yankton) a sample for the time being.

Henchmen of the Stone Hill Gang:
Seamus O'Toole

A rowdie individual with a strong Irish accent. Carries a Colt .32 sixgun. Smell of whiskey.

Fernando Diaz

Carries a Smith&Wesson .32 sixgun and wears religious items on his person.

'Shotgun' Pete Jones

A large burly man. Carries a 12 gauge shotgun.

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