Thursday, February 5, 2009

Isengard Unleashed

Ok first proper post, let's get things going eh?

There shall be no dawn for men.....

Over the summer I was drawn back to the LOTR game. After an initial dabbling when the Two Towers box set came out I grew tired of the rules and even the models. Then one of my friends started collecting the Grey Company and I played him with my unpainted and unloved Uruk-Hai. And I realised how great a game it actually is. Fast, dynamic and with minimal book-keeping. Another fact was probably that I had become used to the mechanics of the system through regular playing of Legends of the Old West (which adapted its rules from LOTR).Therefore I resurrected my Isengard army and decided that I would own one fully painted army at least. The core of any Isengard army has to be a solid phalanx of Uruk-Hai. With a high defense, armour and shield they can quite a beating. And the models are very easy to paint!

Colour scheme: Black undercoat. Metal areas (armour, shield, helmet, weapon) in Boltgun Metal. Skin and leather straps/tunics were painted with the foundation paint Calthan Brown. Lastly a wash with Brown Ink (using washing-up liquid to make the ink run more evenly) to make the armour more weathered and the skin more shaded.
And that's it really. LOTR models really are a dream to paint (as well as assemble, sometimes you get sick of multi-multi-part models).

A wall of pikes is very useful as the can fight in three ranks.
Bases are sand painted with scorched brown followed by a drybrush of vermin brown, then bleached bone in patches and static grass in small patches.

More to follow...

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