Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Flagstone Gazette Issue 3

Issue 3 18th March 1877

Attention citizens! We have managed to locate images of the ringleaders of the infamous (it's like famous... only more so...) band of thieves and murderers.
Joe 'Stinky Hat' Peterson
Right-hand man to the gang leader. Carries a Spencer Repeating Rifle.

Ike Callaghan
Younger brother to the gang leader. Carries a Colt Army Model 1860 .45 revolver.

James Callaghan
The notorious gang leader. Carries a Colt Dragoon revolver and a Bowie knife. A man of uncompromising brutality and cunning. This man is not to be approached
If any loyal citizens should happen to see these men in Flagstone or in the surrounding countryside please contact the Sheriff or his deputies immediately.
For now keep an eye out for our next issue where we shall profile the brave men who will undoubtably bring these brigands to justice.

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