Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Skyrangers Pt.2: Sgt and Heavy Weapons

Ok next up is a close up of the back-packs of the Skyrangers. I wanted to get a sense of the troops carrying all the equipment they'd need for extended operations after being dropped into enemy territory.

Infantry Squad Sgt.
I couldn't find my favourite sergeant to take a pic of at the moment, he has binoculars that he has used to take down a lictor and a carnifex!

These are the guys that started it all. I had some spare Catachans that I painted up as urban veterans. I liked the idea of the troopers scavenging any weapon they could as they tried to survive in a war-torn city.

Currently they stand in as crew for an autocannon squad but I hope to model a proper unit of veterans, using these models and more Cadians/Catacahans with shotgun arms from the SM scout sprue. I want to convey the feeling that these guys are the path-finders and scouts of the regiment, infiltrating far ahead of the main army.

My heavy weapons teams currently look like this. Extra ammo belts are from the Ork sprue.

The stand is made from the sprue the square bases come on. For heavy bolters I use the sprue that holds the round bases together. Cheap and effective! However I will have to rebase all these models soon as the Imperial Guard Heavy weapons teams have to be on the one base when the new Codex comes out in May. Slightly annoying (I can't really afford to shell out on bags of bases, may just make my own).

Mortar teams will also need to go onto one base, which will make putting them in cool positions in terrain features a lot trickier. Oh well. They still tie in nicely with the drop-troop theme.

As always C&C welcome.


  1. Good work, Matey.

    How exactly did a pair of binoculars manage all that, eh?

  2. I have to admit, he had help by others reducing them to a single wound but he dealt the killer blow. The model is holding the binoculars from the vehicle sprue and the pointing arm, so that's all he had to whack the lictor (in one battle) and the 'fex (in another)! I must give him a medal...but he never survives a battle! :p