Friday, April 3, 2009

Skyrangers Pt.6: Brundark Dragoons, High Command and Snipers

Ok here is how I went about making the Dragoons, High Command and bonus Snipers! I am using Vostroyon models to represent the more aristocratic armed forces of Brundark.

The blue of the coat ties it in with the blueish tint of Shadow Grey that I used on the airborne. It should look a lot richer once I put on another coat or two. I'm going to paint the weapons with wooden stocks and gold and silver trim. Hat will probably remain black with some greyish highlights.

Here is another Dragoon (from my armoured fist squad, historically Dragoons were soldiers who rode into battle but dismounted to fight.)

Stage 2 of painting:

This is going to be the High Commander of the Brundark battlegroup, Lord General Samuel Brookstone..

Stage 1

Stage 2

Apologies for the lighting in this one. I got the snipers because they are simply the best Vostroyon models around..
Stage 1 and 2

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