Sunday, May 3, 2009

Skyrangers Pt.7: Finished Dragoons

Ok so here's the finished Brundark Dragoons. Having looked at my new Codex I have (provisionally) decided to field these as Veterans with carapace armour and mounted in the half-track.

Colour scheme is intended to be related to the Skyrangers but still distinctively different. Clothing is Regal Blue. Boots, gloves, pouches and weapons are Calthan Brown with Milthril Silver and Burnished Gold highlights. The Bearskins are black and drybrushed with Codex Grey.

The blue also helps differentiate them from the usual Red (or green in the case of Light of the Emperor) Vostroyon armies one sees.

I am still getting used to the new Codex, I'll post my new list once I've properly digested it.

Heavy and special weapons for the Dragoons are on the way, as well as the High Command.


  1. I didn't like these guys so much when GW came out with them, but I think that might've been GW's color scheme. I really like what you've gone with here, and I love the name even more, good work, keep 'em coming!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Mik. Great idea to use them as vets, too.