Sunday, May 17, 2009

Skyrangers Pt.8: Finished Dragoons and Snipers

I've been digesting the new Codex for the last few weeks (like many others of course) and overall I am very impressed. While I do miss Doctrines (Light Infantry and Drop Troops especially) I understand the need for a streamlined, usable Codex. I will post on my lists soon but first the finished Dragoons!

First up is the elite Dragoon Snipers. So far they don't have a place in my list but I'll find somewhere. Since I use the Vostroyon models as veterans their weapons can include sniper rifles which I can pick if the mission suits it. Either way the models are too good to pass up on.

Following them is the heavy bolter team (one of the few on the legal 60mm bases but as I only play casual games it's ok).
All the models were painted like the previous lot; Regal Blue for the clothes and Mithril Silver and Burnished Gold for the weapons and armour.
Again the Dragoons will get this if they are intended for static defence, otherwise I will only use assault weapons so they can move swiftly in their half-track, jump out and unlease some melta or gernade death will these guys (the medic is there in case I want to turn them into an alternative Company or Platoon Command Squad).
The meltagun is actually a simple conversion; I just snipped off the flamer head (who uses a flamer with a wooden handle anyway???) and glued on a meltagun nozzle left over from a Chaos Obliterator arm weapon sprue. Yes I dabble in the Chaotic Powers (more on that later).
The Veteran Sgt. No special equipment (as of yet)

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