Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crimson Fists III: Troop Choices

The Crimson Fists have been unlucky lately (what with their fortress monastary blowing up and all) so basic troop choices are important to them.

The Troops section was not usually the most glamourous of the FOC choices but now with 5th edition rules they are essential. Therefore I want to do them justice, especially as my army is a depleted, post Rynn's World battle group.

Up first are my Scouts. These guys are the future of the Chapter and therefore need to get as much combat experience as possible. I have two squads; one armed with Pistols and CCWs to seize objectives. The heavy bolter adds some firepower for larger targets and discourages tanks presenting side or rear armour. You should always try to infiltrate your Scout squads, even just for the distraction that it will cause your opponent for having enemies near his army.

The other Scout squad is armed with sniper rifles to pin enemy units that I don't want advancing towards my objectives or units. camo cloaks make the Scouts that bit more survivable when put in some handy cover (highly recommend if not essential). The missile launcher is used to target transport vehicles. These should be your priority. I spent too much time trying to take down a Monolith with this guy but heck, Necrons don't have Rhinos anyway!

Tactical Squads are great. Ten 3+ armour saves means that thsi scoring unit can survive a lot of hits before it becomes combat effective. This squad is made from the snap-fit models of the Assault on Black Reach box. Some might mock the lack of poses but sometimes you want to assemble models quickly and anyway, dynamic modelling can be kept for Elite or Fast Attack units.

The second Tactical Squad is straight out of the Space Marine box (Battleforce to be precise in my case). As with the first squad it is armed with the standard (and more importantly FREE) flamer and missile laucher. This is the best configuration in my humble opinion. The flamer can roast Orks, (Traitor) Guardsmen, Nids, Eldar, Tau with ease (all on a 3+) and negates most of their armour saves. It has an even chance of wounding Chaos Space Marines and Necrons too. The missile launcher has the benefit of frag or krak depending on the situation. All in all a very good deal.

Still no painting done but soon! In meantime C&C welcome as always.


  1. you'll need to start painting before you've built everything and feel overwhelmed as i do when i look at all i have to paint!

  2. I'm afraid I don't ever do that! I'm always way more enthusiastic about assembling, especially when converting plastic, than painting. I will get these done though. Very soon. (Hopefully) ;)

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together, Kron! I'm the same way, I love building and modeling so much that I'll build out nearly the entire army before I start painting. Daunting!

  4. I am also working (sorta) on crimson fists and look forward to following your progress. My thoughts are similar for troop choices except from my standard lc/pg loadout in the tac squads. Keep up the great work.

  5. Always nice to see the ranks of the Crimson Fists grow. Well done, and I look forward to seeing them painted.