Sunday, August 2, 2009

Skyrangers XV: Shotgun Vets Finished.

I finally got round to putting the final touches to my Demolition Hardened Veterans (with shotguns!)

I started by painting the black stripes on the trousers and sleeves of the models.

I then gave a drybrush of Boltgun Metal on the weapons and other metal details.

The skin was given another coat of Elf Flesh followed by a wash of Brown Ink. They may look a little tanned but these guys are demolition veterans. They've spent a lot of time around explosions...

And here's Guardsman Cortez! Still no-one getting the ref? ;)

Here's the cook (with some fresh kroot for the camp-fire!)

The bases were painted with Scorched Brown and drybrushed Vermin Brown.
And finally Sarge!

Next up is a small Tactica on using these bad boys.


  1. Time to split?

    Nice looking minis, the double barreled shotguns are a nice change from the usual lasgun conversion.

  2. Hurrah, someone got the reference! Thanks, the double barrel ones are from the Necromunda weapon accessory pack (which probably doesn't exis anymore..) and the reguar ones are from the SM scout sprue.

  3. i wanted some of those necromunda sprews but couldnt find them. I converted my own shotguns using bits from the lasguns that pop out of chimera's. congrats on a finished squad!! wish i could achieve that!!!!

  4. @King's Standard Bearer: I saw your shotguns, they look great! I only managed to get a Necromunda sprue because I found it being sold rather randomly at Conflict Dublin 2003!