Monday, August 17, 2009

Crimson Fists VI: Terminators (into the Hulk) and Dreadnought

Ok I think today is a rather suitable day to post on my Terminators. Like half my army these veterans are from the Assault on Black Reach box. Whilst they are snap together models and lack the flexibility of the regular sprues they are easy to assemble and, being plastic, still very easy to convert. A mix up of White Dwarf subscriptions meant I ended up with three free ones too, one of which I turned into my Terminator Chaplain.

Ok so may I present the remnants of Squad Alecto, sworn to avenge their fallen brethren by ridding the galaxy of the Greenskin menace, one Ork at a time. They like to kill 'nids too. ;)

Two conversions from the regular box. I had a spare heavy weapons from my Templars so I now have the option of arming the squad with either a heavy flamer (if I'm facing Guard, Nids, Tau, Eldar) or a Cyclone Missile Launcher (if I'm facing heavier armour).

Next up is my heaviest unit, Brother Jerian, one of the four surviving Dreadnoughts in the Chapter.

Completely standard AoBR dreadnought. I may change multi-melta to assault cannon; what do people think?

Ok so that's it for this evening.

I really can't wait for Space Hulk! I may use the Termnies in the box for my Crimson Fists but I have a feeling the storyline of the new boxset will compel me to paint them up as Blood Angels (I swear that's as far as it'll go, I don't need another Marine army!!)

Roll on September!


  1. looking good. Me and a buddy converted my AoBR termies using bits from the chaos terminator lord box. Well worth the buy with the amount of bits that are left once you are done.

  2. sorry, but those are Mech figures right? you know the game in which you use this type of figure to face your opponent, some of my friend played something like this.