Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Skyrangers XVIII: Valkyrie Urban Camo Painting Finished

My Skyrangers finally have fully painted air-support! After parts 1 and 2 where I basecoated in Fenris Grey and Shadow Grey and started the splinter camoflaugue I now painted Skull White over the Astronomican Grey splinters. Even with the foundation paints it took at least two coats of white to get an even coverage.

The crew were painted along the same lines as the Skyrangers, Shadow Grey helmets with white and black stripe camoflague.

Top down shot.

Some hitting power. I chose the rocket pods as much for their aestetic appeal as their usefulness (better than a one shot non blast ordnance missile).

You can't really see but the side gun is the Multi-Laser. The Aquila is Burnished Gold and highlight of Shining Gold.

The splinter camoflague is designed to disrupt the outline of Valkyrie and make it a harder target as it flies between buildings. The Skyrangers specialise in urban drops you see.

The splinters are plain Chaos Black painted over the Skull White. Less is defintely more when painting this style. It's always easier to add a few more than stand back and realise you've gone overboard.

This ramp will be used by either my Command Squad or my shotgun demolition vets.

Interior shot. The gunners are painted the exact same as the infantry.

A steady hand is needed to keep the lines crisp. This works for the urban splinter camoflague. More rounded stripes/blobs are more suited to jungle or temperate camoflague patterns.

The final piece is the base. Sand was glued to base and then undercoated with Chaos Black spray. This helps seal the sand onto the base. I made sure to leave a cross section for gluing the flying stand onto. After that I painted the base Scorched Brown and drybrushed Vermin Brown to tie them in with the earth bases of the rest of the army.

Well that's the biggest piece I've painted in quite a while but it was great fun!
All C&C greatly appreciated.
Can't wait to give her a spin on the battleflield!
And not playing Wagner while doing so would be just criminal...


  1. Absolutely beautiful! That is one of the most striking-looking Valkyries I've seen so far - love the camo scheme, very well done!

    I made a few errors in the construction of my first Valk and it's coming to light in the painting stages. At least I know what NOT to do next time, heh.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. omg! love the cammo scheme, really. Only one critic: it lacks some chromatic variety. You can dirty it using some oils (the best and funny way) and some inks. In my blog I have a hellhound weathered this way if you want to take a look. Here you have a great tut:

    hope it helps.


  3. That's turned out excellent mate, I really love the camo scheme.

    Keep 'em coming mate.

  4. @Mordian7th: Thanks! I really like urban camoflague, that's why my entire army is themed around it. Another Valkyrie eh? Well la de da! ;)

    @Spucmeyer: Thanks also! It could do with some weathering alright but I had limited time to paint it the other weekend. I'll check those suggestions!

    @Col.Corbane: Thanks a third time! I must admit i really am please how it came out. It's no Golden Daemon but it still looks good on the table and that's good enough for me.

  5. Excellent Camouflage, just the ticket, not over the top and spot on - reminds me of HMS Belfast and her dazzle camouflage.

  6. @Siph_Horridus: Thank you! I haven't seen HMS Belfast in real life but I would like to one day, hopefully soon. I am happy with how it came out but there were times I wished I could have done an easier scheme!