Saturday, August 8, 2009

GWpertinent Oldest Model Giveaway

Just a quick post this evening; my entry for GWPertinent's Old School Minis 40k edition. Winning a classic Space Marine Captian would be very cool for my new Crimson Fists.

My entry is the Catachan Captain with Power Fist from back in 1992 (according to the slottabase tab).

You just gotta love the classic "this power fist weighs nothing!" pose and (not very clear from photo) the sheer squareness of his crew cut hair! :P

Ah for the days when Sunburst Yellow doubled for gold and other metals...

Anywho, I hope all enjoy this trip down memory lane. Regular army logging will resume shortly.

A quick question though: Is my Vindicare Assassin model older? (i.e. pre 1992?) I couldn't work it out without ripping my Vindicare from his base and he's too well painted and based for that!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing this guy before the vindicare. You could check on