Monday, August 10, 2009

Skyrangers XVI: Plastic Officer of the Fleet and Master of Ordnance

Whilst in the midst of painting the camouflage on my Valkyrie I got distracted (as is wont to happen).

I was looking at my gaming table which currently has most of my Guard army on it and I noticed my rather lame stand-in models for regimental advisors. Therefore I decided to convert some (it made a nice change from painting too).

First up is the Officer of the Fleet. This was a pretty straightforward job; simply assemble the tank crewman from the vehicle accessory sprue. I gave him the fieldglasses from the heavy weapon sprue.

Now I know what ye are thinking. That guy is in baggy clothes and looks nothing like the admittedly very sharply dressed official model, complete with crisp tunic and lots of medals. My reasoning is that while a General might warrant the assistance of someone of the rank of captain etc my humble army would probably warrant a lower-level officer (eg a lieutenant). It ties him in better with the overall army too in my opinion. That said, I will still paint his uniform a nice crisp white to make him stand out.

Next up is the Master of Ordnance. A simple enough conversion too; a regular guardsman's body with vox helmet. This, combined with a backpack with extra antennae (florist wire), gives the sense of communicating with the heavy, off-table, artillery. The left arm is from a Sentinel pilot, which i think doubles nicley as a range-finder device/do-whacky.

Lastly is the Astropath which is not plastic of course, as I just used an old model of mine from the Inquisitorial Henchmen blister.

Since photos were taken I have undercoated the Officer of the Fleet and he awaits painting, along with the other two. I may add a bodygurad or two if I can rustle up the models...

As always, C&C greatly appreciated!


  1. Great stand ins. The sentinel pilot arm do-whacky is a win!

  2. Thanks man. I'd love to get the Officer of the Fleet but you can't get it sperately; as you can see I already have an Astropath and the Master of Ordnance model is nothing special. I was happy with the sentinel arm alright. I'm looking forward to painting these up soon, it'll make a nice change from the Valkyrie.

  3. I did the exact same thing for the officer of the fleet. I love the other two by the way, they look awesome and the pilot arm is a win!