Friday, March 20, 2009

Isengard Unleashed Pt.4

The last part of my army, and it's a big 'un!

The new plastic Mordor/Isengard Troll is a beast of a model but very easy to assemble and paint. I couldn't decide whether I wanted him with a spear or sword so I made and painted both as they can be popped onto his shoulder like the way SM Dreadnoughts can have interchangeable arms.

The skin of the troll was difficult to get right. At first I got too concerned with getting the exact same shade and hue as on the box but then I decided to use my own scheme.I used a basecoat of Calthan Brown and added a mix of dwarf flesh and vermin brown to create the sickly-coloured skin tone. The metal was boltgun metal drybrush followed by a black ink wash. The leather was scorched brown with the straps picked out in vermin brown or snakebite leather. The teeth and fingernails were picked out in bleached bone. Finally everything was given a wash with brown ink.
I'm quite happy with how this came again. Please note it doesn't look as bright and shiny in real life, the photos are a tad bright.

Needless to say I plan to keep him well away from pesky rangers who will pincushion him before he can unleash his full hitting potential. Like the bezerkers this is a great unit to distract and intimidate your opponent.

I'll post my army list soon and how I might 'upgrade' to War of the Ring scale, as I've been hearing nothing but good things about it.

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