Saturday, March 21, 2009

Skyrangers Pt.3 Lieutenants and Elites

Ok here are my Urban Control Squad (UCS). Primarily used as homeworld police service (in conjunction with the Arbites) they are also employed when the Skyrangers are required to operate in urban environments, maintaining order in the Imperial civilian population (as well as assisting in containment and suppression of the enemy population).

Sergeant Swan and his Dangerous Operations Guardian (D.O.G.)

I've used these Necromunda Enforcers as Strormtroopers so far. The various weapons just count as hellguns for the moment unless it's a themed battle, then they're WYSIWYG. Another option is Hardened Vets with carapace (which will be available to them in the new Codex)

Here are my two lieutenants that lead the two platoons of the drop company. Note the twin pistols. These are their symbols of office, given to them upon their commission to officer class. (I decided to keep with the image of the twin pistols on the Creed miniature.)

The beret was simply made from a moulded Green Stuff blob. Backpack is from the old Catachan Captain

The arms come from the Heavy weapon sprue (the extended arm pointing) and the regular arm that holds the end of the flamer. Both had their hands chopped off and the twin pistols added.

This lieutenant was given twin autopistols (inspired by Master Chief's twin SMGs) from the Necromunda Orlock Gangers. Head is from the Sentinel sprue.

A memorable moment was when one of my Lieutenants jumped from a ruined building onto Kroot in the street below; leaping through the air and firing his twin pistols and yelling "Ahhhhh!". Before being promptly decapitated by a Kroot Shaper. Oh well!


  1. I like the camo on those guys, same colours as my, just a different style. Anymore guard?

  2. Those dual pistol conversions are totally badass!