Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Skyrangers Pt.4: Armoured Support

Pure infantry drop-troops are a fun and interesting style of playing but to exclude yourself from the armoured might of the Imperial Guard would be just criminal. :)

Here are the light armour support that, if necessary, drop with the infantry. As you can see I've used wire mesh as an armoured crew compartment, representing them protecting themselves from above in urban combat zones.

Comms are florist wire. I drilled holes into the tank and simply glued the wires in. Quick, cheap (free!) and very effective! (also durable) These sentinels have a long history of fighting Hormagaunts. They handily hold them up for quite some time, maybe even killing one or two. Keeps them away from my men anyway!

Next up is the heavy support in the form of the ubiquitous Leman Russ

And from the other angle... (excuse the terrible lighting please!) Note the loud-hailer on the turret. A clap on the back for anyone who guesses where I got that idea from!

The track guards are the bottom sections from the Chimera chassis and the old launch-box from the old hunter-killer missile chopped up and folded out (this Russ was bought before the new accessory sprue).


  1. I dig your camo job. How'd you do it? Do you have a tutorial up?

    -come over to and vote for what you want me to do next!-

  2. That wire mesh is just the kind of thing I've been looking for to use on my Chimeras. You have to tell me! Where'd you get it?

    I like the bold camo scheme. I've tried that kind of thing before, but always gave up because I could never get the lines straight enough for my liking.

  3. Very nice mate. I used similar clours on my guard but must admit that the white and black on the vehicles is really nice.

  4. Great! Love the 'splinter' camo!

    If it's any help, Techpriest, I picked up some wire mesh for repairing car bodywork from a hardware shop a couple of years ago: 99p for an A4-sized sheet, and the scale's perfect!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone! I really like how the camo came out, didn't want to simply drybrush the tanks but rather tie them in with the infantry.

    @25mm Warrior: I will give a tutorial when I post my next vehicle.

    @Techpriest: Yes, as Admiral Drax says, it's mesh for car repairs. I picked mine up in a model railway shop but I'm sure you can pick it up in any motor, model or hardware shop.

  6. Awesome. Time for a shopping trip.

    Thanks! And I look forward to seeing your Tanith take shape.