Monday, March 30, 2009

Skyrangers Pt.5: Cerberus Half-track conversion

Ok here's the Cerberus half-track.

A fairly straightforward conversion; toy tractor wheels, SM Predator autocannon and gunshield (inverted) from heavy weapon sprue. Gunports are covered by the hub-caps from SM bikes (who uses these things anyway? :P ).
The back tracks are just the inner wheels from the Chimera glued onto the hull in the required shape with the tracks cut to fit onto the wheels. Some mechanical detail from other bits of sprue we glued in the inner space between the wheels so the hull wouldn't look so bare.
The Brundark Dragoon armoured fist squad (represented by Vostroyons) will use this to support the lighter infantry. You can't see from the photo but the back track wheels have been weathered a lot so look less plasticy.

Painting-wise it follows the same scheme as my other vehicles and also the infantry. Sprayed black and followed by:

Base coat: Shadow Grey (2 or more coats, I haven't used a foundation paint on them yet, Fenris Grey would be a suitable one for under Shadow Grey I think).

Camo: Black and White angular shapes. Make sure they overlap but not all the time and don't go overboard and obscure the Shadow Grey. Simple as that really. Don't worry too much about exceedingly straight lines, it'll look fine on the table! Details were picked out in their metallics (Aquila and fuel cans) and browns (shovels and packs).
Again, comms are represented by with florist wire. I'm not sure if this upgrade will still be in the new Codex (anyone?) but at the moment they are fairly important, as they allow a re-roll to your reserve roll. This used to be especially important when most of your army was deep-striking!

The autocannon is purely decorative, in games I just count it as a multi-laser. I'm just not that big a fan of the multi-laser look but the profile is fine. The Predator cannon just looks more beefy and dangerous and capable of laying down a decent hail of suppressive fire as the Dragoons disembark.


  1. That is a sharp looking halftrack at the top! I really like the conversion work on it.

  2. Genius conversion! Those toy tractor wheels look nice and beefy.

  3. I've been looking for a way to make a halftrack for my Blood Pact and I think I've found it! Thank you! Now I need to find an 8 wheeled APC model to supply all the front wheels..