Friday, June 19, 2009

Skyrangers Pt.9: Shotgun Vets WIP

Is there anything cooler than Hardened Vets with shotguns? Yes, actually. Hardened vets with shotguns who are demolition specialists!
Ye gods, over a month without posting but I'm back, with a bang (arf)! Ok first of all apologies for lack of posting, I was on holiday for a week in Rome and I've moved with my wonderful girlfriend and we've been busy making our new place our home. It looks great now (including desk for work and painting) but I don't want to see a paint pot bigger than 12ml for at least a year!

Anyway, back to the Skyrangers. To complement the Dragoons these veterans will be equipped for lightning assault; 2 meltaguns, 7 shotguns and a sarge with plasma pistol and ccw. Oh and since they are designated demolition experts they all have melta bombs and 1 has the honour (?) of hefting a demolition charge.

Onto the models themselves. These chaps are all based on Catachan legs and torsos than I had lying around (or part of now-disbanded heavy weapon teams).

For the arms on these two I used the arms and shotguns from the Space Marine Scout sprue. My Black Templar Neophytes are all CC-orientated so I have plenty of shotguns spare. The head on the left is a Scout head while the right is one of the old Sentinel Pilot.

Melta bombs courtesy of the Space Marine Assualt Marine sprue.

The shotgun on the right is from an old Necromunda weapons blister pack while the left is another Scout shotgun and head is another Sentinel Pilot (complete with bad-ass cigar!).

I think I'm gonna name this guy Cortez.... can you see the ressemblance?

Catachan body, SM shotgun and head from the infamous 'hairy head sprue' from the Empire Knightly Order box.

This model was originally a Kroot-Hunter (inspired by the WD article on Armageddon Ork-Hunters), now with added shotgunniness!

The 2 meltagunners.

Demo charge dude! At a range of only 6" he is one brave/stupid guy. Shotgun is again from Necromunda while the demo charge is a Tankbusta bomb from the Ork Boyz sprue.

The tough-as-nails Veteran Sarge, complete with SM chainsword and plasma pistol.

I've only used them once so far in a Sabotage games (from 4 ed rulebook) but mistimed their approach and they were spotted before they could open fire and were charged by 10 Kroot. So that was 30 attacks! Needless to say they didn't last long...

Since then I have undercoated the miss-matched models and I am going to paint them like the Sarge and melta gunner on the right.
More on them and the rest of my High Command soon. Now that the summer has come and I have a bit more spare time I intend to finish as many of my armies as possible. More on those ridiculously ambitious plans later...


  1. Like these dudes, madness - they should think about getting some of that fancy power armour for the jobs you get them to do! Ha. Very characterful, love the hairy head - he looks like a Space Wolf on vacation.

  2. Sweet. I see what you mean now about the ork tankbusta, too.

    Nice work.

  3. Thanks guys.
    @ Siph: I'm not going to waste power armour on them! These guys are the mean urban fighters recruited from the cities and hive on Brundark. The Dragoons get the power armour because they're aristocratic.

    @Drax: Yes the tankbusta is very useful as it's not overly Ork-y. I've used it to convert Boyz into Tankbustas and Kommandos before (I'll get round to blogging about them eventually).