Monday, June 22, 2009

Skyrangers Pt. 10: Shotgun Vets Painting

Work continues on these loonies obsessed with big bangs (shotguns and bombs make for good, healthy 41st millennium fun after all!). Ka-Boom!!

Before anything else I based the models that didn't have previous details. As I base in sand I find it a lot easier to put the sand on with glue and then let the spray seal in the sand.

After an undercoat of Chaos Black I painted the pants and vests with the Foundation Paint Fenris Grey. This has made my infantry painting life a LOT easier, as before I'd need multiple coats of what I was painting.

The next stage was Shadow Grey over the pants and vests.

Next I used Tallarn Flesh on the arms, hands and faces.

I then began the urban camoflague by painting white stripes randomly across the pants.

The latest stage I've done is a light coat of Elf Flesh on the skin. I will darken it with a Flesh Wash as it looks far too pale when compared with the original vets like Sarge here.

Cortez and the Vet which I have decided will be the unit's cook. As you can see he has a Kroot head. This is ironically appropriate as the unit's first action involved getting eaten by a squad of Kroot.

Next up is black camo stripes and covering up of overspill of other colours. I'll keep ye posted...

As always, C&C greatly appreciated.


  1. Good stuff.

    Amusingly, a glance whilst scrolling made me think that the chap with the kroot head was wielding a fish, á la Monty Python!

  2. Ha! Very true...
    I must paint the head so that mistake won't happen again. Although my brother's Kroot are red, so it may end up looking like a kipper after all! :P