Thursday, July 2, 2009

Skyrangers XIII: Valkyrie WIP II

Work continues (slowly) on my precious Valkyrie. I know it will be the biggest fire magnet as soon as it arrives on the table but for the sheer coolness factor it's more than worth it and it also ties in nicely with the airborne theme of the Skyrangers.

After painting the interior I assembled the rest of the Valkyrie. With hindsight I should have left the wings unglued, as they would still have probably stayed when slotted in, and now it's rather difficult to find a container to transport it in.

First was the standard undercoat of Chaos Black spray (making sure to close the wing doors while doing so).

Next was a coat of Fenris Grey Foundation Paint. This would make it easier to paint the main coat of Shadow Grey later.

Another coat of Fenris Grey was needed to cover up the brush marks (this can happen on larger models, I was also using a cheaper brush which may not have helped).

Finally I applied a coat of Shadow Grey. Next up is details on the cockpit and camouflage stripes like on my vehicles.

As always, C&C greatly appreciated!

P.S. I cannot wait for Saturday, Planetstrike looks awesome! Skyrangers incoming! ;)


  1. Nice one - it's looking great!

    Forgive me if you already know, but if you move the pics round in the 'html' view rather than 'compose' when creating a post, then they retain their hyperlinks. I was really hoping to get a bigger view of a couple of these!

  2. Thanks Drax! I did not know that particular trick, I must try it out.

  3. Very nice, I loved what you posted above! I've been collecting this same figures but those models are brilliant! I just love the colors and it'd be nice if you can add more models, the nicest one: a Panzer tanks because is one of the best in this kind of war models. 23jj