Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crimson Fists VII: Assault Squad Eos and Pedro Kantor

Death from above! Assault Squad Eos has been further depleted since the Battle for New Rynn City and now stand at 5 brothers strong. Their role is to counterattack rather than direct assault as they would usually become isolated. Of course if the situation arises they will deepstrike, usually behind the gunline of a static army (Tau, Imperial Guard, Eldar) to sow destruction and/or clear objectives. Otherwise they hang back, either behind terrain or in reserve, and attack the biggest threat to the rest of the army.

A very small conversion. I wanted to convey a bit more motion in the model so I bent the arm back around the helmet and filled in the space under the army with some spare sprue bits. The plastic glue sets it all together and the shoulder pauldron covers the work. Sort-ed!

Sergeant has a powerfist to help deal with vehicles and high toughness models.

And finally Chapter Master Pedro Kantor, saviour of the Crimson Fists during the darkest hour. Kantor is one of my favourite Space Marine characters and the model is great. It's not too ostentatious nor chunky nor ridiculously posed. Understated yet ornate, I really like the Classical references, such as the laurels and cingulum, the Roman legionary studded belt. I left the standard off the backpack as I'm really not a fan of them. The moulded standard is very nice though, so I may give it to another Marine a smaller handheld standard.
Kantor is not too shabby rules-wise either. He replaces 'Combat Tactics' with the 'Stubborn' USR.

Even better any unit within 12" get +1 attack. This ability swung a game for me a while ago, when the extra attacks brought down the critical number of Necrons for phase-out. Huzzah, Vote for Pedro! While I won't always use him I will certainly keep him in rotation.

That's the entire army folks. Now onto painting!
As always, C&C welcome.

One final thing. You may notice the new layout, which I must thank my wonderful girlfriend and her html skills for. Merci beaucoup!

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  1. Your Fists are getting more love than the Hammer's at Kantor Base! He's fallen for the space puppies.