Sunday, January 17, 2010

Skyrangers XIX: Finished Imperial Advisors

Well I'm finally back. Things have been very busy at university these days, I've started a PhD and I am up to my ears in books, articles and archives. There hasn't been too much time for the hobby but I've been following everyone else still. I did however get some games in over Christmas and lo and behold, I even got some figures painted this weekend! As you can see, it's been a while since I assembled my Imperial advisors and they've been glaring at me from the paint box since!

First up is the Master of Ordnance. The extra blast template is useful. He may not be a regular addition to my list but it's good to have the option.

Painted exactly like the regular infantry; Shadow Grey with white and black stripe camouflage.

Next is the Astropath. Helping a reserve roll is invaluable. I miss Improved Comms but using this very nicely sculpted model is not too bad.

Paint wise I used a couple of coats of Dark Angels Green for the cloak and then picked out details in Blood Red, Burnished Gold and Boltgun Metal. Skin was Tallarn Flesh followed by Elf Flesh. No shading as I want him to appear pallid, he's not one for the fresh air usually.

Lastly is the Officer of the Fleet. As I've said before he's not as sharp as the official model but the Skyrangers will take what they can get. Interfering with your opponent's reserve roll is very useful if the scenario involves it. Like the Astropath if the mission doesn't involve Reserves then you may want to spend your points elsewhere..

The uniform was basecoated Astronomican Grey, then multiple layers of Skull White. Can anyone recommend a good way of getting whiter than white on a figure? Details picked out Burnished Gold, Chaos Black, Blood Red and Boltgun Metal.

As always C&C greatly appreciated.

I've been busy experimenting with the new Skaven book and hopefully I'll begin to post on my WFB armies soon too. Also I have more historical stuff in the pipeline, watch this space.

Hopefully I will be back soon with pictures of my next Imperial Guard project, something rather special. I made a purchase yesterday and I now have to get kitbashing. You have been warned! Mwah hahahah!

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