Thursday, February 11, 2010

Plastic Deathstrike Missile Launcher Conversion: Skyrangers XX

(or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb)

Quite frankly the Deathstrike Missile has no place on the small battlefield of 40k, what with it's 80 feet (!) range and all. While it makes more sense to leave it for Apocalypse games I couldn't help adding a plastic conversion for my Basilisk. You know, just in case.... :)

As you can seen this was a fairly straightforward kitbash. I never glued the gun platform section of my Basilisk to the hull, thereby allowing it to be removed and used as a Salamander command/scout vehicle. Now it also functions as the Deathstrike launcher platform.

The model I used for the missile is Revell's Nike-Hercules Missile System. As you can see the scale of the missile is quite suitable for 40k and the Guard. The original model includes booster rockets but this made the missile a tad too long for the Chimera, so I left them off. These can be used for something else later (Havoc Launcher, Missile launcher etc.).

The main launch ramp was trimmed shorter to accommodate the new length of the missile. The base of the launcher was assembled as normal, leaving off the extra platforms at the front as they disrupted the line of Deathstrike. As you can see the ramp can extend up and down in order for the missile to launch.

The platform was then pinned with paper clips to the Chimera/Basilisk hull. Small drill holes are all that are left once the platform is removed, thereby allowing it to be normally used as a Basilisk.

The missile was also pinned to the launch ramp in order to keep it in place. It can be then removed once the Deathstrike missile has launched. I used one pin at the front and two at the rear for maximum stability.

I think the Nike Hercules is a good fit for the Deathstrike Missile. The Nike Hercules was a SAM that predated the more famous Patriot missile system. Whilst the Codex describes the Deathstrike as an ICBM the size of the missile in the picture is more in line with short to medium range missiles like the Nike Hercules, Patriot or Scud.

As I mentioned above the practical applications for a ballistic missile in a game of 40k is debatable but nevertheless the fun of bringing a doomsday device onto the table now and again, especially in themed games, is worth a little bit of converting, trimming and pinning. Plastic conversions are always a favourite of mine and I look forward to checking out my local hobby shop again for more kitbashing opportunities.

Oh and of course bringing a Deathstrike Missile allows for numerous Dr. Strangelove references!

Next up is painting! Stay tuned.

As always, C&C greatly appreciated.


  1. Excellent model thanks for share, I was trying to get the metal model but it's hard to find anyway, thanks for share.

  2. I hate bellicose toys and this one isn't the exception, too creepy for a toddler.