Sunday, February 21, 2010

Plastic Deathstrike Missile Launcher Painting: Skyrangers XXI

A Deathstrike Missile Launcher is as much a display piece as it is a gaming piece so I decided it needed a decent paintjob immediately. Usually a plastic conversion is knocked up pretty quickly but I soon leave it to one side. However my Guard army is my only fully painted army (bar this model!) so I just had to get the Deathstrike finished! Last post was its conversion, now the painting.

The paint scheme is my usual Brundark urban camo, inspired by the 122nd Cadian infantry uniforms. The 122nd Cadian tanks were simply drybrushed but I liked the scheme so much on the infantry I decided to carry it on onto my armour and air-support.

I started with one base coat of Fenris Grey Foundation Paint on the Missile Launcher. This was followed by two coats of Shadow Grey. The splinter/dazzle camo is simply Astronomicon Grey Foundation Paint followed by two coats of Skull White. The lines are not that crisp at the moment, I will clean them up at the end. Next up is the black splinters and the finishing touches.

The Deathstrike Missile itself was spraypainted Chaos White (with the spray can, not the spray gun). It took about 4 light coats to cover the dark green plastic of the Revell kit with a smooth white coat. I'm looking forward to adding some official (and unofficial!) decorations to it!

So that's all for this evening. Hopefully I'll get a chance to finish the painting soon and get the chance to deploy the dreaded Deathstrike Missile on the battlefield. I'm not expecting anything amazing as it will no doubt be a fire magnet but that means less fire on the rest of my army!

Has anyone used a Deathstrike Missile Launcher yet? I actually saw someone using one in a local GW yesterday but I don't know if it did any good...

As always, C&C welcome!


  1. Very nice! I only ended up fielding my Deathstrike once, and while it didn't get a chance to launch the missile it definitely made for an interesting game as my opponends raced the countdown to destroy it. It's one of those models that is a huge fire magnet. Of course, you can use that to your advantage as well... Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Mordian7th! Your Deathstrike was actually one of the inspirations for mine. Yours is much more like the ICBM as described in the fluff while mine is more a medium range missile.

    I will probably rarely field it either, although with the Battle Missions book coming out I may have more oportunities for some fun themed battles!

  3. I've made a similar missle using the same kit. A friend of mine has one also and has proved to be a 50/50 thing in a game. Devastating if it hits, vaporising everything. Or it does nothing! However a fire magnet that effective is more than enough excuse to field one :P everyone tries to kill it

  4. wow nice model, I have some models like that I have collect when I was a child, right I'm try to look for some that I don't have, thanks.